Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) is entering into the market in Australia to become a leading producer of premium grade organic medicinal cannabis for import and export markets. We are focused on production of top-quality premium cannabis. This opportunity creates benefits with local supply and new agricultural industries in Australia specifically for medicinal and scientific use. 

In order to be able to access medicinal cannabis through the therapeutic goods administration they will be access under clinical trials and for individual patients under the special axis and authorised prescriber schemes administered by the therapeutic goods administration. 

According to statistics there are well over 100 million frequent users of cannabis worldwide, but it is unclear how many of them could be considered, or consider themselves, as medicinal users. Currently, most information available on the effects of cannabis comes from studies on the recreational use of cannabis, with the result that new medicinal users and their physicians are easily concerned with typical abuse risks, such as addiction, overdosing and intoxication (feeling ‘high’). 

Physicians find it hard to get reliable information on therapeutic cannabis use. Cannabis and cannabinoids are rarely discussed in medical school, and even the existence or the function of the endocannabinoid system is largely unknown among medical professionals. Cannabis seems stuck in the middle; on the one hand too potent to be regulated as an herbal (or alternative) medicine, on the other hand too herbal to be regarded as conventional medicine. As a result, there is no clear consensus on where the line should be drawn between the appropriate medical use of the cannabis plant, and its use as a recreational drug. 

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