Cannabis and Marijuana Ingestion - The oral route: tea and edibles

When cannabis is taken orally, it takes at least 30 to 90 minutes before any effects occur. Effects peak usually after two or three hours, and wear off in about four to eight hours. Cannabis tea and edibles (cookies, brownies, candies etc.) are two very common ways of consuming cannabis orally.

Because these products typically don’t look or smell like cannabis, they allow the user to consume it in a public space (e.g. at work, family visit) without drawing much unwanted attention. The slow onset of effects, combined with a long duration, makes oral administration mainly suitable for treating chronic complaints that need a constant dose of cannabis throughout the day. Oral For a long time, scientists considered cannabinoid-acids to be the ‘inactive’ form of cannabinoids. 

After all, they don’t make you feel high and do not bind to the cannabinoid receptors.  But at present it is known that also the acidic cannabinoids may have important medicinal properties.

For example, CBD-acid has a potent antimicrobial activity and shows promising anti-inflammatory effects, while THC-acid was found to have a potent effect on the human immune system. And perhaps most interestingly, some acidic cannabinoids appear to slow the growth of certain cancers, at least in laboratory tests. For some types of patients the cannabinoid-acids may therefore not be inactive at all.